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The Improvement of Mossbauer Spectra by FIRO Deconvolution

Volume 42, Number 5 (July 1988) Page 775-782

Rex, A.F.; Olson, M.A.; Silva, N.J.

A deconvolution method similar to that used by Shimokoshi, Kanzaki, and Jones [Applied Spectroscopy 39, 1014 (1985)] has been used to study 57Fe Mossbauer spectra containing various mixtures of iron compounds. In all cases the spectra studied contained one or more sets of overlapping spectral lines. The resolution of these overlapping lines can often be improved by deconvolution to the point at which the integrated intensities of the deconvoluted peaks provide reliable information about sample concentrations. A comparison of the results which can be obtained for different deconvolution parameters and different degrees of overlapping is presented.