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Raman Spectra of Gases. XXII. (CH3)3SiCl, (CD3)3SiCl and Some Normal Coordinate Calculations on (CH3)3SiNCO and (CH3)3SiNCS

Volume 33, Number 4 (Aug. 1979) Page 364-371

Durig, J.R.; Jalilian, M.

The Raman spectra (0 to 3600 cm−1) of gaseous (CH3)3SiCl and (CD3)3SiCl have been recorded. It was possible to resolve the symmetric and antisymmetric SiC3 deformations. The spectra are discussed in detail and previous vibrational assignments are compared. A normal coordinate calculation has been carried out utilizing a modified simple valence force field. The extent of the vibrational coupling has been determined. It is believed that the main force constants should be transferable to other substituted trimethylsilyl compounds and this transferability is demonstrated by some normal coordinate calculations for trimethylsilylisocyanate and trimethylsilylisothiocyanate.