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Site-Selective Shpol'skii Spectrometry of Sulfur-, Oxygen-, and Nitrogen-Containing Aromatic Compounds in Complex Samples

Volume 42, Number 5 (July 1988) Page 731-740

Elsaiid, A.E.; Walker, R.; Weeks, S.; D'Silva, A.P.; Fassel, V.A.

Laser excited Shpol'skii spectrometry (LESS) was utilized to directly determine nitrogen (N-), oxygen (O-), and sulfur (S-) heterocyclic compounds in solvent refined coal (SRC-II), petroleum crude oil, and carbon black. Characteristic quasilinear LESS excitation and emission spectra of the heterocyclic compounds are presented for the first time under site-selective conditions. Deuterated analogs of dibenzothiophene and dibenzofuran were utilized for quantitation. Site-selective fluorescence spectra of aminopyrene derivatives of polycyclic aromatic compounds (PAC) are also presented for the first time. The potential for utilizing the LESS technique in critical environment and biological studies for the direct determination of N-, O-, and S-heterocyclic compounds and substitutional derivatives of parent PAC has been demonstrated.