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A Micro-Sample Cup for Near-Infrared Analysis

Volume 42, Number 6 (Aug. 1988) Page 1128-1131

Yeo, Pauline L.; Honigs, David E.

Near-Infrared Analyses (NIR) have traditionally been carried out on powdered samples of different agricultural products, such as cereal grains and oilseeds. Commercially available conventional cups require a large amount of sample, typically 5-8 g of powder sample, to obtain chemical information from the spectra. This paper presents a new sample cup that only requires about 350 mg of sample. The spectra obtained with this new sample cup are comparable to spectra taken with the conventional cup. This mechanically simple sample cup was used to obtain the spectra of individual soybeans, small amounts of solid powder and liquid samples, which otherwise would not be easy to access spectroscopically in the NIR. The results obtained showed that this new sample cup is capable of detecting about 100 μg of powdered soybean without any loss of chemical information when the spectra are compared with spectra taken with the conventional open cup. In addition, it provides excellent spectral information on as little as 80 μL of liquid samples.