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Examinations of the Matrix Isolation Fourier Transform Infrared Spectra of Organic Compounds: Part XI

Volume 42, Number 6 (Aug. 1988) Page 1049-1056

Coleman, W.M.; Gordon, Bert M.

Matrix isolation Fourier transform infrared information has been presented on a series of aliphatic amines, anilines, and amides. The absorptions associated with NH stretches are found at essentially the same energies in both the vapor phase (VP) and matrix isolation (MI) phase. Both the VP and MI values are found at higher energy than the solid state (SS) phase. The similarity of the values for the MI and VP phases is a departure from results found previously for other types of organic compounds. The carbonyl absorptions for the amides (MI) were found to be intermediate between the VP (high) and SS (low) values. This is consistent with established trends for other carbonyl containing compounds. The absorptions for carbonyl groups for the majority of the compounds appear as split absorptions on the order of 20 cm−1 peak to peak. These split absorptions were ascribed to intramolecular hydrogen bonding and rotational conformer isolations. Minor aggregation effects were found to occur as band broadening effects when the ratio of matrix gas (argon) to analyte dropped below 1000:1.