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Design Considerations and Preliminary Characterizations of a Kilowatt-Plus Microwave-Induced Plasma

Volume 42, Number 6 (Aug. 1988) Page 1061-1065

Cull, Kevin B.; Carnahan, Jon W.

A high-powered helium microwave-induced plasma was developed, and preliminary characterizations are presented. This kilowatt-plus microwave-induced plasma (KiP-MIP) was contained in a helical flow quartz torch. Power was transferred via waveguides from a 3.0-kW, 2.45-GHz, 120-pulses-per-second microwave generator to a waveguide-to-coaxial converter. A modified Beenakker TM010 resonator cavity was used to focus the energy. Effects of the magnitude of applied power on helium line emission intensities were studied, as well as comparisons of the temporal output of generator output and helium line emission. Introduction of gaseous halogens (Cl2, CBr4) produced intense ion emission which follows the intensity ratios commonly observed in He-MIPs.