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Evaluation of Line and Continuum Sources for Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry Using a Low-Powered Argon Microwave-Induced Plasma

Volume 42, Number 7 (Oct. 1988) Page 1285-1289

Perkins, Larry D.; Long, Gary L.

An atomic fluorescence spectrometry system employing a low-powered, highly efficient MIP as the atom cell (MIP-AFS) has been developed and is evaluated with the use of direct aqueous nebulization. The MIP-AFS system employs hollow cathode lamp and Xe-arc lamp excitation sources. Detection limits of 14 elements were studied and compared to results for ICP-AFS. Linear working ranges of at least 5 orders of concentration magnitude were found. Interelement effects (i.e., vaporization, ionization, and scatter interferences) were also investigated.