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Specifications for Infrared Reference Spectra of Materials in the Vapor Phase Above Ambient Temperature

Volume 33, Number 6 (Dec. 1979) Page 543-548

Griffiths, Peter R.; Azarraga, Leo V.; de Haseth, James; Hannah, Robert W.; Jakobsen, Robert J.; Ennis, Margaret M.

Recent advances in the performance of rapid-scanning infrared spectrometers designed for the on-line measurement of the infrared spectra of species eluting from a gas chromatograph (GC-IR) suggest that this technique may become a popular method for identifying components of mixtures of volatile compounds. In this event, collections of reference spectra of materials in the vapor phase will be required to aid in the interpretation and assignment of these spectra. Small collections suitable for this purpose are presently available, and plans for a much more extensive collection are in an advanced state.