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Film Washer

Volume 13, Number 6 (Dec. 1959) Page 159-159

Hodge, Edwin S.

A very satisfactory film washer has been built using a piece of stainless steel tubing and a base plate. Type 304 stainless steel has been recommended for photographic processing containers where water and photographic processing liquids are used. Figure 1 shows the necessary details of construction. The film is hung inside the washer by a stainless steel film clip (Kodak Jr. Film Clip), one side of which is welded to the center of a stainless steel rod. Slots filed in the top of the washer tube keep the rod in a fixed position during use. A small dental x-ray film clip serves as a weight at the bottom of the film to hold it down during washing. The washer is easily fabricated in a machine shop and has proven to perform rapidly and satisfactorily.