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Self-Absorption in Resonance Raman and Rayleigh Scattering: A Numerical Solution

Volume 42, Number 8 (Dec. 1988) Page 1458-1466

Ludwig, Michael; Asher, Sanford A.

We have numerically calculated the parameters necessary to correct Raman intensities for self-absorption for Raman measurements utilizing a 90° scattering geometry and a cylindrical capillary sample cell. We display curves that can be used to extract these parameters for any sample absorbances at the incident laser excitation wavelength and the Raman scattered wavelength. These results make it possible, for the first time, to quantitatively utilize resonance Raman spectroscopy to determine concentrations of analytes. Thése parameters can also be used to numerically correct resonance Raman excitation profile measurements for self-absorption. These results clearly illustrate the dependence of spectral signal-to-noise ratios and spectral detection limits upon signal attenuation due to self-absorption.