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Absorptivity of Carbon Dioxide and Molecular Oxygen at 193 nm at High Temperatures up to 1600C

Volume 56, Number 12 (Dec. 2002) Page 1621-1625

Rice, Steven F.; Hanush, Russell G.

The absorptivity of CO2 and O2 at 193 nm over the temperature range of 900-1600°C is reported. The data were collected in a flowtype tube furnace using an ArF excimer laser at the light source. CO2 was mixed at 5% by volume in N2 and O2 was examined at 5% and 10%. The internal transmittance of a 1-meter externally heated absorption cell was measured. The results establish a value for the absorptivity, α, for CO2 ranging as high as 2.35 × 10-19 cm2/molecule at 1600°C. For O2, the absorptivity is 1.81 × 10-19cm2/molecule at 1600°C. The results partially agree with those reported in the literature recently by others at 1000°C and 193 nm and extend those data to higher temperatures; however, the agreement is far from exact. The results are inconsistent with the higher temperature, 1500-2500°C, values inferred by others from indirect measurements for these two species.