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Improving Temperature Control of ARL Model 2300

Volume 14, Number 2 (April 1960) Page 57-57

Owen, Louis E.

The ARL Model No. 2300 is a commonly used photographic processing machine in spectrochemical laboratories. Temperature control in this unit comes from a thermostat which by a relay energizes a solenoid valve on a cold water inlet when the bath temperature is too high. Bath temperature variations can be reduced if an additional relay contact is used to run the tray rocking motor of the machine whenever cold water is being admitted. The agitation which results decreases the over-shoot which otherwise can occur before the thermostat senses the lowered temperature. The only operational precaution is to switch on the rocking motor when a plate or film is to be developed even though the machine is rocking when the darkroom is entered. Otherwise the rocking may be turned off during a processing if the thermostat is satisfied.