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Spectrometric System for Characterizing Drop and Powder Trajectories and Chemistry in Reactive Flows

Volume 56, Number 10 (Oct. 2002) Page 1345-1353

Cabalo, Jerry C.; Schmidt, John; Wendt, Jost O.L.; Scheeline, Alexander

An instrument for emission, fluorescence, and scattering diagnostics of a 22 kW gas/air thermal reactor is described. Z-pair parabolic mirrors provide diffraction-limited imaging in field center, with worst-case blur over a 12.8 mm field of view having a radius of 0.044 mm rms. Either full-field filtered or transverse line dispersed viewing can occur simultaneously. Dispersion is achieved using a 2-m spectrograph f-matched to the feed optics. Examples of data show non-axisymmetric flow in a nominally laminar flow system, drop shapes in situ, and Mie scattering from soot.