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Photoabsorption Cross Sections of Organophosphonates at 120-180 nm

Volume 43, Number 3 (April 1989) Page 570-571

Sharpless, R.L.; Slanger, T.G.

In the course of studying the reactivity of three organophosphonate compounds with air discharge products, it became desirable to determine the VUV absorption cross sections for these materials [DMMP, (CH3O)2PO(CH3); DEMP, (C2H5O)2PO(CH3); O,S-DEMP, (C2H5O)(C2H5S)PO(CH3)]. Both O2 and O2(a1Δg) are conveniently monitored by VUV absorption, and it was thus necessary to determine the degree of interference that the organophosphonates might cause. To our knowledge, there is no information available on their VUV absorption below 200 nm, whereas significant O2 absorption does not take place above 175 nm.