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Correction for Absorption in Raman Measurements Using the Backscattering Geometry

Volume 43, Number 3 (April 1989) Page 527-531

Womack, James D.; Mann, Charles K.; Vickers, Thomas J.

Correction for sample absorption in resonance Raman measurements employing the backscattering geometry has been re-examined. A widely used procedure [see Appl. Spectrosc. 28, 319 (1974)] fails to provide adequate correction under most measurement conditions. A method which accounts for the effect of the transfer function of the collection optics is shown to provide excellent results for a variety of measurement conditions. The required calculations and a method for obtaining the optical transfer function are described. Measurements on solutions of a strongly absorbing azo dye with the use of 514.5-nm excitation have been used to test the approaches.