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R-line Luminescence from Trace Amounts of Cr3+ in Aluminum Oxide and Its Dependence on Sample Hydration

Volume 56, Number 8 (Aug. 2002) Page 1055-1058

Zuo, Chen; Jagodzinski, Paul W.

The R-line luminescence is observed in the Raman spectra of α- and γ-Al2O3 with chromium concentrations of less than 1 ppm. The same signals were previously used to monitor the setting reaction of dental cements. With laser excitation <690 nm, the R-line luminescence can be observed in the optical spectra of most commercial products containing α-Al2O3. It is found that the intensities of R-line signals are related to the degree of hydration of the α-Al2O3 sample, which can be explained by the formation of additional octahedral sites for Cr3+ near the sample surface involving oxygen atoms from the Al2O3 matrix and from absorbed water molecules.