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Convenient Fiber-Optic-Based Sample Cell for Shpol'skii and Low-Temperature Phosphorescence Spectrometry

Volume 43, Number 3 (April 1989) Page 422-425

Madison, Richard T.; Carroll, Mary K.; Hieftje, Gary M.

A sample cell for observing the Shpol'skii effect at 77 K is described and analytically assessed. The cell employs fiber-optic light guides to transport excitation and emission radiation. The system is compact, inexpensive, and simple to construct from commercially available laboratory components, and it alleviates several problems inherent in conventional refrigerated-cell designs. Detection limits for anthracene, coronene, and pyrene obtained with the sample cell are 8.8 × 10−8 M, 8.4 × 10−7 M, and 3.5 × 10−7 M, respectively. The linear dynamic range for each compound is 2 to 3 orders of magnitude.