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Measurements of 22Ne-20Ne Isotope Shifts by Laser-Induced Line Narrowing in Three-Level Systems

Volume 43, Number 4 (June 1989) Page 654-656

Ståhlberg, B.; Jungner, P.; Fellman, T.

Application of laser-induced absorption line narrowing (ALN) to neon isotope shift investigations in the stretched three-level systems 1s5-2p4-3s2 and 1s4-2p4-3s2 is reported. The measurements have been performed with a frequency and intensity-stabilized 633-nm He-Ne probe laser and with a tunable single-mode R6G dye laser. Utilization of longitudinal magnetic modulation to the neon gas absorber yields background-free resonance signals. Measurements of 594.5-, 609.6-, and 633-nm 22Ne-20Ne isotope shifts result in (1712 ± 8) MHz, (1753 ± 8) MHz, and (904 ± 8) MHz, respectively. These values agree with previous data.