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Measurement of Wavelength-Dependent Complex Refractive Index of Transparent and Absorbing Liquids by a Multifunction Reflectometer

Volume 56, Number 7 (July 2002) Page 935-941

Räty, Jukka; Peiponen, Kai-Erik; Jääskeläinen, Anssi; Mäkinen, Martti O.A.

We have modified a recently developed reflectometer so that surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensing is now possible. Thus, the complex refractive index of liquids can be obtained at a desired wavelength (the existing setup allows the use of the visible-NIR spectral range) using both the SPR and conventional measurement modes of the reflectometer. The multifunction operation of the present apparatus offers possibilities for off- and on-line industrial inspection of liquids.