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Modification of IBM-PC Data Acquisition and Control Adaptor for Versatile Data Acquisition and Control System

Volume 43, Number 4 (June 1989) Page 608-611

Kim, Haidong; Zabik, Matthew J.; Crouch, Stanley R.

An inexpensive but versatile data acquisition system has been developed with the use of a modified IBM-DACA (IBM Personal Computer Data Acquisition and Control Adaptor). With the modification described, the IBM-DACA can be operated in more various modes of operation. Data can be read either by software trigger or by hardware trigger mode. Also, all the three channels of the on-board timer/counter can be fully utilized for complex or accurate timing and experiment control. This allows gated data acquisition with user-specified timing and a maximum A/D throughput to memory of up to 18520 samples/s in a single channel. With its menu-driven software, this system can be used in various scientific data acquisition environments with minimal expense.