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Room-Temperature Luminescence of a Variety of Compounds on 1% -Cyclodextrin/NaCl Mixture

Volume 43, Number 5 (July 1989) Page 810-812

Richmond, Marsha D.; Hurtubise, Robert J.

With the use of model compounds of widely different functionality, it was found that a 1% α-cyclodextrin/NaCl mixture could be used in place of an 80% α-cyclodextrin/NaCl mixture to obtain solid surface room-temperature fluorescence (RTF) and phosphorescence (RTP) data. Analytical figures of merit are reported for four compounds. The use of a smaller percentage of α-cyclodextrin results in lower cost; no loss of analytical integrity, compared with that for an 80% α-cyclodextrin/NaCl mixture; and easier handling of the α-cyclodextrin/NaCl mixtures