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Simultaneous Neutron Scattering and Raman Scattering

Volume 63, Number 7 (July 2009) Page 727-732

Adams, Mark A.; Parker, Stewart F.; Fernandez-Alonso, Felix; Cutler, David J.; Hodges, Christopher; King, Andrew

The capability to make simultaneous neutron and Raman scattering measurements at temperatures between 1.5 and 450 K has been developed. The samples to be investigated are attached to one end of a custom-made center-stick suitable for insertion into a 100 mm-bore cryostat. The other end of the center-stick is fiber-optically coupled to a Renishaw® in Via Raman spectrometer incorporating a 300 mW Toptica® 785 nm wavelength stabilized diode laser. The final path for the laser beam is ∼1.3 m in vacuo within the center-stick followed by a focusing lens close to the sample. Raman scattering measurements with a resolution of 1 to 4 cm−1 can be made over a wide range (100-3200 cm−1) at the same time as a variety of different types of neutron scattering measurements. In this work we highlight the use of inelastic neutron scattering and neutron diffraction in conjunction with the Raman for studies of the globular protein lysozyme.