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Spectroscopic Analysis of Polyvinyl Chloride Compounds, Part I. Infrared Spectrometric Analysis

Volume 14, Number 2 (April 1960) Page 32-38

Burley, R.A.; Bennett, W.J.

A quantitative procedure is described for the determination of plasticizer, resin, stabilizer, and filler in formulations based on polyvinyl chloride and polyvinyl chloride-polyvinyl acetate copolymers The plasticizer is extracted with ethyl ether, the resin is dissolved in tetrachloroethane, and the solution is centrifuged to remove the stabilizer and filler The infrared spectrum of the plasticizer is determined either on the recovered material directly or in solution in carbon disulphide. The infrared spectrum of the resin is obtained from a film cast from solution. The stabilizer and filler are examined as Nujol mulls or potassium bromide pellets. Part of the stabilizer and filler is reserved for emission spectrographic analysis. Analytical results on a typical compound are given.