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Investigation of Normal and Malignant Tissue Samples from the Human Stomach Using Fourier Transform Raman Spectroscopy

Volume 56, Number 5 (May 2002) Page 570-573

Ling, X.F.; Xu, Y.Z.; Weng, S.F.; Li, W.H.; Zhi, X.u.; Hammaker, R.M.; Fateley, W.G.; Wang, F.; Zhou, X.S.; Soloway, R.D.; Ferraro, J.R.; Wu, J.G.

Fourier transform (FT) Raman studies of 40 tissue samples from the human stomach, including 22 normal and 18 malignant tissue samples, were performed. These stomach tissue samples had been classified as normal or malignant on the basis of pathological studies and biopsy detection. The results indicate that a series of major bands in the FT-Raman spectrum can be used to distinguish the malignant tissue from the normal tissue. Subtraction spectra support the result of the spectroscopic identification. Statistical analysis is also in agreement with the FT-Raman measurements.