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An Efficient Method for Recovering the Optimal Unbiased Linear Spectrum-Estimate from Hadamard Transform Spectrometers Having Nonideal Masks

Volume 43, Number 5 (July 1989) Page 746-750

Johnson, T.W.; Park, J.B.; Dyer, S.A.; Harms, B.K.; Dyer, R.A.

A spectrum-recovery method is presented which efficiently computes an optimal unbiased linear spectrum-estimate for measurements obtained with Hadamard transform (HT) spectrometers having nonideal masks. This method has the following advantages over other spectrum-recovery techniques: it is computationally efficient, it requires no additional measurements, and it computes an optimal spectrum-estimate. In the method presented, after the mask of the HT spectrometer has been characterized, approximately 3N preliminary arithmetic operations are performed once for a given spectrometer, where N is both the number of spectral resolution-elements desired and the number of measurements required. Each spectrum-estimate to be recovered then requires only an additional O[N(log2N + 4)] arithmetic operations. In contrast, conventional methods for obtaining an optimal unbiased linear spectrum-estimate require O(N3) preliminary operations, and O(2N2) operations during each spectrum-recovery.