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Adaptive Signal Processing Techniques: An Application to Raman Spectroscopy

Volume 43, Number 5 (July 1989) Page 750-758

Jordan, Ramiro; Dyer, Stephen A.

In this study, the applicability of adaptive filters and algorithms to the enhancement of Raman spectra is investigated. The two adaptive-filter realizations described are the transversal (tapped-delay) and the lattice. The two adaptive algorithms considered are the least-mean-square and the modified least-square. Experimental results demonstrate that enhancement of Raman spectra obtained at low signal-to-noise ratios can be achieved. Extrapolation is applied to enhance the inherently low resolution of Raman spectra. Adaptive filtering techniques yield results comparable to those obtained from maximum-entropy methods for estimating spectra, with a resolution exceeding that allowed by Fourier procedures.