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Wavelength Calibration of Optical Multichannel Detectors in Combination with Single- and Double-Grating Monochromators

Volume 43, Number 8 (Dec. 1989) Page 1427-1431

Lindrum, Michael; Nickel, Bernhard

For the measurement of a spectrum with an optical multichannel detector (OMCD), the relation N = N(λ) or λ =λ(N) between the channel number N and the wavelength λ must be known. For an ideal OMCD, N(λ) and λ(N) are completely defined by the physical parameters of the monochromator and the channel spacing of the OMCD. Series expansions N = N0 + ΣkAk(λ - λ0)k and λ = λ0 + Σ0Bk(N - N0)k are given for single-grating monochromators (k = 1, 2, 3) and double-grating monochromators (k = 1, 2). The validity of the series expansions has been checked experimentally and numerically for a double monochromator.