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Automatic Plate Washer-Rinser-Dryer

Volume 14, Number 4 (Aug. 1960) Page 107-108

Owen, Louis E.

An automatic washer-rinser-dryer for spectrographic plates has been developed to supplement the film washer-rinser-dryer previously described (1). While the principle of operation is similar to that of the film strip unit, the design was modified to accommodate plates (Figure 1). A versatile controller permits the choice of one of three processing cycles best suited to the emulsion. The holder for a 4- by 10-inch photographic plate fits snugly in the main chamber. The small side chambers which feed water to the spray holes leading into the main chamber are connected (Figure 1) and share inlets of both tap and distilled water used in washing and rinsing the film. The plates are dried by compressed air and strip heaters. The control circuit shown in Figure 2 is set for a two-minute wash, one-minute rinse, and six-minute dry cycle.