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The Application of ICP Spectroscopy to Model the Chemistry Occurring in Plasma-Etch Reactors: Part I

Volume 43, Number 8 (Dec. 1989) Page 1414-1423

Mautz, Karl E.; Parsons, Michael L.; Moore, Carleton B.

ICP spectroscopy utilizing both gaseous and/or liquid sample introduction was used to model chemical components produced in plasma etch reactors. Single plasma gas chemistries including Ar and CF4 and additive gas systems of CHF3-O2 and CF4-O2 were characterized with the use of a dispersive monochromator/photodiode array detection system. Experimental techniques and equipment comparisons of plasma sources and detection systems for plasma chemistry modeling are discussed. Identification of atomic and molecular species produced in each plasma source for these gas chemistries and sample components was determined and compared.