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A Nonflowing, Variable-Gas Inductively Coupled Plasma as a Light Source for High-Resolution Spectroscopy

Volume 44, Number 1 (Jan. 1990) Page 156-158

Manning, Thomas J.; Palmer, Byron A.; Hof, Douglas E.

Ten self-contained 27.12-MHz Inductively Coupled Plasmas (ICP) are generated in a static torch. The torch offers spectroscopists a closed-system, low-pressure (0.1-100 Torr), variable-power (currently up to 1 kW) plasma. Doppler temperatures (Na D) measured are approximately 5 times those of electrodeless discharge lamps (EDLs) or Hollow Cathode Lamps (HCLs) operating under normal conditions. This torch has improved noise considerations, compared with those for the flowing ICP traditionally used.