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A Magnetron DC Arc Plasma for Aerosol Analysis

Volume 44, Number 1 (Jan. 1990) Page 83-90

Slinkman, David; Sacks, Richard

A direct-current are device using coaxial electrodes and an external magnetic field is combined with a glass-frit nebulizer for the analysis of metallic elements in aqueous samples. The magnetic field is applied parallel to the electrode axis to produce a magnetron-type rotation of the are current channel. The resulting plasma is diffuse and is more easily penetrated by the aerosol particles. The plasma is viewed normal to its axis at one end of the cylindrical electrode assembly. The intense continuum background from the current channel is masked by withdrawing the center electrode into the outer cylindrical electrode. The effects of electrode configuration and plasma current on analysis line-to-background ratios are described. Preliminary analytical data are presented for Cu, Mn, Mg, and Ca.