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Elemental Analysis Using NMR: Simultaneous Determination of Aluminum and Sodium in Zeolite A Using Low-Field NMR

Volume 55, Number 8 (Aug. 2001) Page 1099-1101

Guihéneuf, Thierry M.; Simeral, Larry S.

The standard methods for elemental analysis of aluminum and sodium in zeolites typically require significant sample and reagent preparation before the final titrimetric or atomic spectroscopic measurement. Low-resolution, bench top nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) has shown important applications for rapid quantitative analysis of hydrogen and/or fluorine containing materials without sample preparation in the food, chemical, and polymer industries. Here we demonstrate the determination of aluminum and sodium in zeolite A without sample preparation by using multinuclear, low-field NMR. The simultaneous determination of aluminum and sodium can be performed in under five minutes with a precision of ~1% relative. The method, calibration, data collection, and significant other applications are discussed.