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Monitoring Dielectric Thin-Film Production on Product Wafers Using Infrared Emission Spectroscopy

Volume 55, Number 8 (Aug. 2001) Page 1053-1059

Niemczyk, Thomas M.; Zhang, Songbiao; Haaland, David M.

Monitoring of dielectric thin-film production in the microelectronics industry is generally accomplished by depositing a representative film on a monitor wafer and determining the film properties off line. One of the most important dielectric thin films in the manufacture of integrated circuits is borophosphosilicate glass (BPSG). The critical properties of BPSG thin films are the boron content, phosphorus content, and film thickness. We have completed an experimental study that demonstrates that infrared emission spectroscopy coupled with multivariate analysis can be used to simultaneously determine these properties directly from the spectra of product wafers, thus eliminating the need for producing monitor wafers. In addition, infrared emission data can be used to simultaneously determine the film temperature, which is an important film production parameter. The infrared data required to make these determinations can be collected on a time scale that is much faster than the film deposition time, hence infrared emission is an ideal candidate for an in situ process monitor for dielectric thin-film production.