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Spectroscopic Analysis of Polyvinyl Chloride Compounds, Part II. Emission Spectrographic Analysis

Volume 14, Number 4 (Aug. 1960) Page 101-103

Bennett, W.J.; Law, E.M.

An emission spectrographic method for the determination of stabilizers and fillers in polyvinyl chloride compounds is described. In conjunction with infrared method, the plasticizer is ether extracted and the resin dissolved in tetrachloroethane. The stabilizer and filler are removed from the dissolved resin by centrifuging The resultant powder is mixed with cupric oxide and graphite powder. The mixture is pelletized on the end of a graphite electrode. A Multisource discharge is used to determine lead, aluminum, silicon, calcium and antimony as percent oxides The concentration of stabilizers and fillers may then be calculated The emission spectrographic analysis can be performed in duplicate on 8 mg of stabilizer and filler from the compound.