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Jim Winefordner: Thirty Years of Teaching and Research at the University of Florida

Volume 44, Number 2 (Feb. 1990) Page 187-190

Glick, Mark; Smith, Benjamin W.

For 30 years Jim Winefordner has been teaching and researching at the University of Florida in Gainesville. During that time he has made significant contributions in many areas of optical analytical spectroscopy, from atomic fluorescence spectrometry to molecular phosphorimetry, and he has guided the research of hundreds of graduate students and postdoctoral workers. He continues to teach undergraduates every years, as he has since 1959. Jim Winefordner is a leading proponent of fundamental physical approaches to analytical spectroscopy, a position that has marked his research since his earliest publications. In the mid-60s he introduced atomic fluorescence spectroscopy as an analytical method, and in the 80s he continues to extend the boundaries of modern analytical spectroscopy. A prolific scientist and a dedicated teacher, Jim has made his mark in almost all areas of analytical spectroscopy, and he has personally influenced the lives of many young scientists.