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Stray Radiant Energy in Optical-Null Spectrometry

Volume 44, Number 3 (April 1990) Page 522-523

Fleming, Paddy

The method to determine the relative stray radiant energy (SRE) in UV spectrometry, which was described by Mielenz et al., may be adapted to apply to optical-null spectrophotometers for all possible reference cell to-sample-cell thickness ratios less than unity [i.e., β (=br/bs) < 1] and to include situations where the "cutoff" solution is not transparent to SRE. If the same cutoff solution is placed in both cells but the sample cell is β-times as thick as the reference cell, then the transmittance ratio (τ'λ) of the sample solution relative to the reference solution in the presence of a SRE level x is given by:

τ'λ = τλ + tx)/τλβ + tβτ'λx) (1)

where τλ is the true instantaneous transmittance of the sample-beam solution to monochromatic light of wavelength λ, and t is its transmittance to SRE.