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Direct Analysis of Solid Powder Samples with Electrically Vaporized Thin-Film Sampling and ICP Detection

Volume 44, Number 3 (April 1990) Page 367-373

Trivedi, Ketan M.; Brewer, Stephen W.; Sacks, Richard D.

Solid powder samples deposited on Ag thin films are electrically vaporized by capacitive discharge. The aerosol produced by this method is introduced into the ICP. A low-volume vaporization chamber has been designed for these experiments. A magnetic field of a few kG normal to the electric field in the thin-film plasma is used to improve the plasma/sample interaction. A continuous flow of Ar or 60%/40% Ar/O2 through the chamber carries the aerosol from the capacitive discharge plasma into the ICP. Analytical data will be presented for a number of NIST reference materials emphasizing the determination of Mn, V, and Ni in biological and refractory inorganic matrices.