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Raman Spectroscopic Studies of MethaneEthane Mixtures as a Function of Pressure

Volume 55, Number 6 (June 2001) Page 745-749

Brunsgaard Hansen, S.; Berg, R.W.; Stenby, E.H.

Raman spectra of methane and methane-ethane mixtures (100, 85, and 49 mole % CH4) have been obtained as a function of pressure in the pressure range 0.1 to 15.3 MPaA (MPa absolute). For these mixtures methane υ1 (symmetric C-H stretching) band positions are given as a function of pressure; for pure methane they are in agreement with previous results. The new data on the methane υ1 band position of ethane-containing mixtures clearly depend on the kind of molecules surrounding the vibrating methane molecule. The υ1 band position decreases with increasing pressure; the stronger the dependency, the higher the content of ethane. The ethane υ1 band position in the two mixtures showed the same kind of dependency. A qualitative explanation for this behavior is attempted, relating it to changes in van der Waals-type interactions on pressure.