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A New Method of Producing Scattering Dilution Materials for Highly Scattering Samples by FT-IR Spectroscopy

Volume 44, Number 4 (May 1990) Page 744-746

Kaihara, Mikio; Mametsuka, Hiroaki; Gunji, Naoki; Gohshi, Yohichi

New measurement methods for Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy have already been proposed in our laboratory. We call these methods the scattering filter method (SFM) and the scattering dilution method (SDM), which are combined with a new accessory for analyzing pitches or any other highly scattering samples by FT-IR spectroscopy. Until recently, the diffuse reflectance method has usually been applied to highly scattering samples. With the use of our characterization methods, high-quality spectra of pitches or other highly scattering samples can be easily acquired, and the accuracy of the characterization results has been improved. However, the measurement procedures are not easier than those for the transmission method. That is to say, we must produce CsI powders and KBr powders, respectively. We therefore investigated a new method for producing scattering dilution materials composed of CsI and KBr and used the dilution materials that were obtained as new scattering dilution material. As a result, the procedures of SFM and SDM, combined with a new accessory, became much simpler and more practical.