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The Photoelectric Theory of Photosynthesis. V. Further Correlation of the Absorption Spectrum of Chlorophyll with the Emission Spectrum of Magnesium

Volume 14, Number 6 (Dec. 1960) Page 161-164

Levitt, Leonard S.

The near infrared absorption spectrum of chlorophyll has been reexamined in an attempt to detect a possible weak absorption at around 881 mμ, corresponding to the only important emission line of Mg atoms above 655 mμ, and which is due to the transition 3p → 3d for Mg. Chlorophyll is found to exhibit such a band in the region 860-885 mμ. This is interpreted as further evidence for the author's photoelectric theory of photosynthesis, in which it is postulated that it is the Mg atom of chlorophyll which is electronically excited by light absorption. Seven new bands are predicted for chlorophyll in the far ultraviolet region of the spectrum, ranging from 273 to 123 mμ, and the ionization potential of chlorophyll is calculated to be 1 89 v.