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Attenuated Total Internal Reflection Infrared Mapping Microspectroscopy Using an Imaging Microscope

Volume 55, Number 3 (March 2001) Page 252-256

Sommer, André J.; Tisinger, Louis G.; Marcott, Curtis; Story, Gloria M.

Attenuated total internal reflection (ATR) infrared mapping microspectroscopy using an infrared microscope and a focal plane array is investigated and reported. The study demonstrates the advantages of conducting ATR microspectroscopy using a focal plane array detector. These benefits include the rapid acquisition of molecular specific images, ease of sample preparation, and increased spatial resolution. An experimental determination of the spatial resolution found that the combined system operates very close to the diffraction limit, and a 4× magnification factor associated with the germanium internal reflection element was realized. Experiments conducted on several polymer samples and a biological sample demonstrate the future viability of the method.