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An Ultra-Low-Volume Gold Light-Pipe Cell for the IR Analysis of Dilute Organic Solutions

Volume 44, Number 6 (July 1990) Page 1092-1094

Vessières, Anne; Jaouen, Gerard; Salmain, Michele; Butler, Ian S.

During some recent work on the application of organometallic IR markers in the detection of hormonal steroid receptors and the determination of immunological doses, we needed to measure quantitatively amounts in the 10-picomole range in solution. Previously, we had obtained data for the solid state by using 3.0-mm micro-pellets of the precipitated proteins by themselves or when diluted in KBr. The detection limit in both cases was about 80 picomoles. For solution work, there are micro-cavity cells commercially available which have pathlengths of 1.0 mm and working volumes of about 10 μL. These cells proved unsuitable for our purposes, however, since we needed to detect amounts of organometallic marker as low as 0.1 picomole.