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An Improved Method of Using the Diamond Anvil Cell For Infrared Microprobe Analysis

Volume 44, Number 7 (Aug. 1990) Page 1227-1228

Lin-Vien, D.; Bland, B.J.; Spence, V.J.

Diamond anvil cells are widely used in industrial IR applications. They provide a convenient way for flattening and thinning irregularly shaped samples such as fibers, polymer gels, and inorganic particles. When used in conjunction with an IR-microprobe, they also serve as sample supports on the microscope stage. The typical procedure of using a diamond anvil accessory can be divided into three steps: (1) Press the samples between two diamond surfaces so that they are suitable for spectroscopic study. In this step the parallelism of the diamond surfaces should be checked to avoid damaging the diamond cell. (2) Obtain the IR spectrum of the flattened sample as a "sandwich" between the two diamond plates. (3) Perform a spectral subtraction to remove the background due to the diamond absorptions.