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Effect of Solvent Polarity on the Fluorescence Emission Spectra of Select Five- and Six-Ring Pyrene Derivatives

Volume 44, Number 7 (Aug. 1990) Page 1193-1195

Acree, William E.; Zvaigzne, Anita I.; Fetzer, John C.

The fluorescence properties of dibenzo[def,p]chrysene, benzo[rst]pentaphene, and anthranthrene dissolved in eleven organic non-electrolyte solvents are reported. Measurements indicate that both dibenzo[def,p]chrysene and benzo[rst]pentaphene exhibit probe character, as evidenced by the selective enhancement of the intensity of vibronic band I relative to band II with increased solvent polarity. Emission ratios of anthranthrene remained nearly constant, irrespective of solvent polarity. These results, combined with previously reported data for benzo[ghi]perylene, benzo[a]pyrene, benzo[e]pyrene, and dibenzo[a,e]pyrene, are used to examine molecular structure-probe character correlations of select five- and six-ring pyrene derivatives.