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Development of an Interferometer with Interchangeable Polarization and Amplitude Divisions for the 1000-10 cm1 Region

Volume 44, Number 8 (Oct. 1990) Page 1369-1372

Weibel, S.; Polavarapu, P.L.

An interferometer for spectroscopic measurements from approximately 1000 cm−1 into the far-infrared region employing a single beamsplitter is developed. It consists of a free-standing wire grid beamsplitter and two roof-top mirrors. When the beamsplitter grids are oriented at 45° to the roof axes of the mirrors and the input light is polarized at 45° to the beamsplitter grids, the interferometer functions as a Martin-Puplett type with polarization division from approximately 600 cm−1 to about 10 cm−1. Alternately, when the beamsplitter grids are parallel to the roof axes of the mirrors, and the input light is unpolarized the interferometer functions as a Michelson type with amplitude division, for spectral measurements in the 1000-100 cm−1 region.