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Hadamard Transform Raman Microscopy of Laser-Modified Graphite Electrodes

Volume 44, Number 8 (Oct. 1990) Page 1270-1275

Treado, Patrick J.; Govil, Anurag; Morris, Michael D.; Sternitzke, Kent D.; McCreery, Richard L.

In this communication, we describe the application of Hadamard transform Raman microscopy to the imaging of edge plane microstructures in laser-modified highly ordered pyrolitic graphite (HOPG) electrodes. Hadamard transform Raman microscopy is a highly selective method of analysis which can image thermally sensitive materials at micron-scale spatial resolution. The technique is capable of imaging relatively weak Raman scatterers in only a few minutes. The current multichannel microscope generates images having 255 × 256 pixels. In addition, we characterize an imaging artifact present in our current system, as well as apply a first-order correction for the problem.