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A Simple Microtechnique for Obtaining Pyrolyzate Infrared Spectra from Polymeric Materials

Volume 44, Number 9 (Nov. 1990) Page 1587-1588

Degen, I.A.

The identification of intractable polymers by examination of the infrared spectra of their pyrolysis products is a well-established technique. Following early work by Harms and Kruse and Wallace, numerous methods have appeared in the literature, but these are primarily concerned with macrosamples. Few methods applicable to microsamples have been published; the microtechnique described by Scism, which involved heating a minute sample in a crucible covered with a NaCl window, has the drawback that the window can crack. Humecki's technique for identifying submicrogram specimens using a capillary brush device required an infrared micro-scope. The technique described here requires little skill and no expensive accessory.