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Quantitative Determination of Resonant Raman Signals Using Signal Accumulation, Adapted Fourier Filtering, and Band-Shape Analysis

Volume 44, Number 9 (Nov. 1990) Page 1534-1537

Bettermann, H.; Rauch, W.

The quantitative analysis of resonance Raman signals with small signal-to-noise ratios requires maximum reduction of noise. Since the time of digital signal accumulation is limited by the photochemical stability of the investigated compounds, further reduction of noise is achieved by Fourier filtering and band-shape analysis of the filtered spectra. The Fourier filtering and carried out by Gaussian filter functions, which are adapted to the recorded Raman spectra. With the use of intensity-normalized filter functions, the peak areas of the Raman lines are conserved by filtering and can be used for the signal quantification.