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Light-Induced Two-Dimensional FT-IR Spectroscopy of BacterioRhodopsin

Volume 54, Number 11 (Nov. 2000) Page 1659-1664

Kosters, P.G.H.; de Vries, A.H.B.; Kooyman, R.P.H.

Two-dimensional Fourier transform infrared (2D FT-IR) spectroscopy was applied to study the slower states of the membrane protein bacterioRhodopsin (bR) photocycle, with bR adsorbed on a ZnSe attenuated total reflectance (ATR) crystal. The M and the N states of the bR photocycle could be discriminated, and 2D spectra revealed an N state absorption band at 1536 cm-1 that is normally covered by the broader and bigger 1527 cm-1 M state absorption band. 2D FT-IR absorbance changes are presented in a more convenient way for analysis than in traditional 2D FT-IR spectroscopy by using 2D-phase spectra and phase/amplitude calculations.