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Calibration Procedure to Derive IRRAS Spectra from PM-IRRAS Spectra

Volume 54, Number 11 (Nov. 2000) Page 1646-1650

Buffeteau, T.; Desbat, B.; Blaudez, D.; Turlet, J.M.

A calibration procedure is presented to relate Fourier transform infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopy (IRRAS) spectra obtained by polarization modulation (PM) and conventional techniques. This procedure concerns only PM-IRRAS measurements obtained with a lock-in amplifier. At the first stage, it consists in measuring two calibrated spectra, by adding a linear polarizer after the sample. The corresponding corrected PM-IRRAS spectra display band intensities close to those observed on IRRAS spectra (at about 6%), but the value of the baseline is lower. The calibration procedure can be performed at the second stage, by normalizing the corrected PM-IRRAS spectra of the sample and the bare substrate. In this case, the band intensities and the baseline of the normalized corrected PM-IRRAS and IRRAS spectra are similar.